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Membership for Parents

Dr. Baudino provides personalized care with a focus on the whole child – mind, body, and spirit – while taking into consideration each family’s lifestyle and therapeutic needs. With these needs in mind, Dr.Baudino has created a Concierge Service, where families can have consistent, scheduled sessions in addition to access to support when they need it most.

Advisory Membership for Students/Professionals

In addition to Dr. Baudino’s clinical practice, she is actively mentoring up-and-coming clinicians in group and one on one settings.  As her own practice grows and she’s able to impact more people, her guidance of other clinicians aids in the greater goal of supporting children and parents around the world.

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A Little About Me

I have been a practicing clinician for over a decade. I received my doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Masters in Creative Arts Therapy – Dance/Movement Therapy, the therapeutic use of movement to further the emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration of the individual.

As the National Clinical Spokesperson for The Andréa Rizzo Foundation, and with their sole funding, I brought and implemented the first Dance/Movement Therapy Programs to the top Pediatric hospitals in Los Angeles, where I provide bedside therapy to children medically fragile children with cancer and special needs. I have worked in psychiatric hospitals and rehabilitation centers for trauma, addiction, and pain management. I also coordinate Behavior Intervention Programs within the home/school setting and I specialize in supervising, facilitating, and providing treatment for children with special needs and their families.

In my private practice, I work with children and their families, to support the developing child and the integral relationships between parent, child, and siblings. Understanding the premise that the body, mind, and spirit are interconnected and that life is experienced through movement – my approach allows the child to express their feelings, experiences, and ideas, with their whole body as each child is supported in the capability to put their words into action. I understand individual sensory and motor preferences, model ways to express emotional needs, and support overall integration and well-being.

Specialization In:

★ Child Development

★ Medically Fragile & Chronic Illness

★ Special Needs/Autism Spectrum Disorder

★ ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, & additional Learning/behavioral challenges

★ Addiction, Trauma, Early Intervention/Parent Support

★ New parenting/infant attachment

★ Travel Preparation and Success

★ And More

Dr. Lori Baudino, BC-DMT

Licensed Clinical Psychologist PSY22011 &

Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist

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A Complimentary Guide for You.

Dr. Baudino has designed this free Sensory Superpowers Guide to give parents specific strategies to quickly work through common challenging situations.

Reframe your child’s senses as superpowers and he/she can gain control in difficult environments. Sign up for a heartwarming weekly “Moving Moments” story and receive your Sensory Superpowers Guide

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    “This book had some great practice ideas for flying with children. It helped us a lot on a longer flight. For anyone who needs some additional support to get out there and make discoveries with your children this book is right for you!”

    – Patricia A. Marzec

    Dr. Baudino offers parenting and community-based gatherings at schools, centers, hospitals, and parenting circles across the country. Her presentations provide an opportunity to embody a clear understanding of parenting and child development for care-providers/parents, educators, and medical professionals.

    Some of the topics include:

    1. Mindful teaching for the moving child

    2. Language, listening, and loving…oh my!

    3. Become a Super Flyer

    4. Sports Parents

    5. Transforming

    6. Transitions

    Media Appearances

    The Hallmark Channel

    Annual Brain Tumor Conference

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