“You may decide to move your arms.” 

When using movement in a therapeutic session parents, educators and medical professionals will ask me, “what if the child can’t move? What if they feel they can’t dance?”

I become the crusader of all things movement- dedicated to informing the masses that everything we do in life involves moving. From our heart beating to how we explore the world around us – Movement is the dance that brings connection, communication and growth.

So instead of saying, “you should move” I give permission with “May, move”. Instantly the child, Betty who appeared still behind her mothers arm. Peeked out and looked down at her arms as they lifted towards the small white tissue material I was holding out to her.

She grabbed the tissue and immediately watched and moved in a swaying motion with it. This commonly used item (tissue) became the transitional object that allowed Betty to communicate her feelings. She increased her range of movement as she threw the tissue back and forth with her mother, she tore pieces of it and twisted it around her hands. She hid her body under it. Her mother communicated that this was, “the first time in weeks that Bettty had communicated and moved out from behind her mothers legs. The first time that her mother saw Betty’s individual ideas and a theme of taking control and curiosity. Betty was able to laugh, initiate ideas and expand on her communication with her mother and with me.

You may invite a child to move and connect. Everyday I work with children of all ages and their families to support their development and connection to one another. Email me at therapy@drloribaudino.com or call me at (310) 966-0700 to schedule your time.

Please Note: These stories are based on real moments but all names, ages, and identifying information has been changed to ensure confidentiality and safety for all individuals involved. The events are a composite of related scenarios used to illustrate the work; bringing understanding to the benefits of supporting children through a mind/body connection.

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