“What if I mess up? I can’t change how I feel? What if I am not good enough” (David, Age 13)

Each week I met with David he had another statement, a fixed idea of how he saw his life, his interactions, and his feelings. He sat stiffened, tight muscles, head down, shoulders rolled, and shortened breath. I focussed not on his words but rather his body, first.

How to take rigidity and create EASE? We began by setting an intention. “David, what do you want out of todays session?” David communicated that he wanted more energy, he wanted to feel like he could breath and that he could have options to get through his day.

We started the process of embodying his current state. We exaggerated our postures to increase the tension, the tightness, and shortness of breath. This was difficult to do. Our body naturally wanted to relax, to breath. We felt appreciative that our body new what to do. Everytime we tightened, there was a reciprocal loosening. We explored oppositives in our body movements. David had so many ways to move his body. I asked him to find a final posture that felt most comfortable for today. He chose to stand with his arms outstretched and legs out like a star. He stood secure in his pose while appearing free and open. His ability to push past comfort and explore his options gave him an understanding of his intention.

David felt energized. He had stabilized his breathing and created an openness. He increased his awareness of his body, by setting an intention and sharing in a relational movement experience. David was able to not only identify his needs but see a transformation and an opportunity for choices and capability.

What is your intention for the day? I work with children and parents to identify needs and set intentions for daily living and overall health. Email me at therapy@drloribaudino.com or call me at (310) 966-0700 to schedule your time.

Please Note: These stories are based on real moments but all names, ages, and identifying information has been changed to ensure confidentiality and safety for all individuals involved. The events are a composite of related scenarios used to illustrate the work; bringing understanding to the benefits of supporting children through a mind/body connection.

Special Thanks to The Andrea Rizzo Foundation. Dreasdream.org

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