“Mommy where are you going? Play one more game, one more hug, one more kiss…What are you doing? How? When?”

Often parents wonder what is age appropriate…what is normal?

When Patricia came to my office her parents expressed concerns about her lack of interest to play with others, her increased movements (picking her fingernails, holding her body in a strained position), they communicated countless experiences of her getting upset when entering new environments or if her plans changed.

When meeting Patricia, I immediatley saw that she walked hesitantly, she sat with her legs in a “w” seated position, and her hands twisted inwards with fingers lacking grasp (to name a few movement observations).  Interestingly, Patricia had spoke to doctors about her “anxious” feelings, and learned intellectual concepts for coping. But yet, her body still did not seem to feel comforted which left her with continued questions, insecurities and challenges both physically and socially.

When Patricia was given an opportunity to explore her sensory preferences and to learn how to embody and percieve her environment through more adaptive integrated movement, a change occurred. The therapeutic sessions supported her to learn about her Super Powers – how she could use use sense of touch to feel connected and supported before entering visually stimulating environments. Patricia was supported to sit in a more grounded posture, to use weight in her hands and directionality in her movements. She became increasingly more comfortable, visually sitting upright, making clearer eye contact, and communicating with more words. She was able to practice entering environments and to prime her self for what was expected and to come.

Her parents learned about using “inclusion” words (i.e join vs. help), narrating her movements and providing her with space to gain control. Her parents asked her questions and fostered her independence and self compassion.

Has your child recieved comprehensive support with both the mind and body considered? Everyday I work with children of all ages and their families to support health and social emotional growth through the mind and body.  Email me at therapy@drloribaudino.com or call me at (310) 966-0700 to schedule your time.

Please Note: These stories are based on real moments but all names, ages, and identifying information has been changed to ensure confidentiality and safety for all individuals involved. The events are a composite of related scenarios used to illustrate the work; bringing understanding to the benefits of supporting children through a mind/body connection.

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