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As adults, we spend hours researching which appliances will blend the best smoothie, the best deals on flights, which school teaches SEL or what activity to sign up.
You understand how important time and knowledge plays in each decision.
You are a curious, inspired learner! You are a parent that wants to be your best self and provide the best version of you to your children.
You want your children to know you’ve continued to learn and model behaviors you want them to embody too! You have limited time and want insight and support!
While buying coffee, visiting the pediatrician, and dentist are frequented rituals, therapy is seen as taboo. But, science shows that our mental health is a predictor of physical health and wellness. Our children need an organized and supportive environment. You need acceptance and wisdom everyday to provide insight into your parenting challenges and triumphs.
The common saying “there is no manual for a child” is false! There are many books on how to raise a child. The challenge is how do we, parents, apply broad stereotypes, differences in culture, beliefs, and family dynamics to a one size fits all approach? The answer is professionally guided individualized support.
Now an open forum to ask your individualized questions at your convenience, seek insight and wisdom from any location, and apply tailored approaches that work for you!
This membership provides you with:

★ Off Hours -On Call Email Messaging: Ask Questions and Receive answers during non-session times. (*specific times and days provided)

★ Twice a month Virtual Sessions: Unlock understanding and connection for the greatest triumphs and challenges of parenting

★ Moving Moments Blog: Inspiring stories to support children

★ Free Handouts: Which will include top tips for language, sensory support and more
Learn today how to make the best-informed decisions for your child and your entire family.
​​What sets Dr. Baudino apart is the fact that she works with the whole body. Her approach to parent + child therapy is an integrative approach tailored to your family’s preferences and needs. She focuses on a mind/body approach, including Dance/Movement Therapy, which encompasses more than just verbal communication. Dr. Baudino supports finding meaningful language, relationship and connections which allow for embodied understanding and action!

Disclaimer: All online interactions with Dr. Baudino are considered "coaching" not therapy. By joining this membership you are acknowledging the understanding that you are interacting with Dr. Baudino for coaching only and not therapy.

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