“Flip me, flip me.” (Age 4.5)

Peter always wanted to flip upside down, jump on furniture, and be all around “wild.”  At times, people could support him and create fun ways for him to flip. Other times, he was just too much for his space and would often get into trouble. I explored with Peter the various sensory experiences he encountered while flipping. He could see things from all angles (upside down, fast moving, colors blurring). He could feel sensations of air, the movement of his clothes and the contact to the other person, furniture or ground. These two, tactile and visual, seemed most important.

Consequently, I provided Peter with his Superpowers! Transforming his small space and inability to flip into options. He became competent to use his vision to flip pages of a book, watch a fan move around, or see a tree swaying outside. He could use his tactile power to touch textures, to hold a familiar toy, or to become aware of various aspects of his body, such as his clothing, its contact to the ground, or even the various differences between the temperature of his feet and his head.

Peter now had options, and he heightened his sensory awareness and the integration of his experiences. He no longer needed to repeat the same movement phrases that did not work in all environments. He was empowered, capable, and could celebrate his interests! I allowed his needs to be met and unlocked the underlying purpose of his behavior to promote acceptance and continued movement; flow.

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